Koole 74

Dimensions – 73.95 meters x 10.8 meters
Vessel type – General Cargo
Cargo Capacity – 1400 tons
Date Docked – 15th May, 2023
Lay days – 14 days

Date Undocked – 29th May, 2023

Our team has completed a full hull maintenance on KOOLE 74 a vessel belonging to the esteemed company KOOLE Contractors. Hull maintenance is an essential aspect of maritime operations, ensuring the integrity and performance of vessels. Our meticulous hull maintenance procedures encompass thorough inspections, cleaning, and protective coatings. Our expert technicians adeptly address corrosion, fouling, and structural issues, utilizing advanced technologies to restore the hull’s optimal condition. Through abrasive blasting, anti-corrosive coatings, and precise application techniques, we safeguard vessels against the harsh marine environment. Our commitment to quality and adherence to industry standards guarantee not only improved hydrodynamics and fuel efficiency but also enhanced safety for crew and cargo. We have procured and installed a transducer within 1 week of the client’s request.

Customer Feedback- Using our rating system our client was very satisfied with the timely and quality of work carried out by Guyana Port Inc.

Other Projects


Dusk 1 Dimensions – 24 meters x 6.6 metersVessel type – TugGross Tonnage – 115 tonsDate Docked – 20th July, 2023Lay days – 4 days

Seacor Tarahumara

Seacor Tarahumara Dimensions – 67.4 meters x 14.6 metersVessel type – Supply VesselGross Tonnage – 1634 tonsDate Docked – 1st July, 2023Lay days – 4


Koole 74 Dimensions – 73.95 meters x 10.8 metersVessel type – General CargoCargo Capacity – 1400 tonsDate Docked – 15th May, 2023Lay days – 14

M.V. Hilton Joseph

M.V. Hilton Joseph General repair services including engineering, electrical, propulsion, accommodation upgrades, marine fitting, sand blasting and painting as well as outsourced procurement, testing, trials

M.V. Sabanto

M.V. Sabanto A total of 15 job orders and 2784 man hours were invested in the rehabilitation of  project M.V. Sabanto.  Completed on 20th July,

M.S. Maleka

M.S. Maleka 9 job orders and a total of 1181 man hours were invested to  complete  project M.S.Maleka. Completed on 17th October, 2022  9 job

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