Our shipyard offers a comprehensive range of services to support the construction, repair, maintenance, and refurbishment of marine vessels. Shipyards are crucial hubs in the maritime industry, providing essential facilities, expertise, and resources to meet the diverse needs of ships and their operators. General repair services including engineering, electrical, propulsion, accommodation upgrades, marine fitting, sand blasting and painting as well as outsourced procurement, testing, trials and class surveys and much more.

Abrasive Blasting

Abrasive blasting, a fundamental process in shipyards, is a highly effective method for surface preparation, cleaning, and maintenance of ships and other marine vessels. The shipyard’s demanding environment requires regular upkeep of vessels to ensure their safety, efficiency, and compliance with maritime regulations.

Airless Painting

Airless painting, a commonly used in our shipyard, is a highly efficient and effective technique for applying paint and coatings to the surfaces of marine vessels. This process involves using specialized airless spray equipment to atomize paint under high pressure, creating a fine spray that evenly coats large areas of the ship’s hull and other components.

Outsourced Procurement

Guyana Port Inc. delegates certain procurement activities or functions to external vendors or suppliers. GPI undertakes complex projects that require a vast array of materials, equipment, and services.

Propulsion and Marine Fitting Services

One of the services we provide in our shipyard is propulsion repairs which is an essential maintenance and refurbishment activities focused on the ship’s propulsion system. The propulsion system is a critical component that enables the vessel to move through water and includes various elements such as the main engine, propellers, thrusters, and related auxiliary systems.

Machining and Engineering Services

Machining and engineering repairs play a crucial role in ship repairs, as it involves the precision cutting, shaping, and finishing of metal components and parts found on marine vessels. Repairs often require the restoration of worn-out or damaged parts to ensure the vessel’s proper functioning, structural integrity, and compliance with safety standards.

Electrical Repairs

The Electrical repairs in our shipyard encompass a wide range of activities focused on ensuring the safe and efficient operation of electrical systems and equipment on marine vessels. Ships rely heavily on electrical systems for navigation, communication, propulsion, lighting, and various other critical functions.

Ultrasonic Testing (UT) and Gauging

Guyana Port Inc uses non-destructive testing methods to inspect and evaluate the integrity of materials and welds in marine vessels. UT utilizes high-frequency sound waves, typically above the range of human hearing, to detect defects, flaws, or irregularities within the structure of the ship’s components.

Certified Welding

Certified welding documents and examines the capability of a welder to create a well defined welding procedure in their work. It is required by all international vessels that are on voyage because of class.

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